Highway Intelligent Traffic Solutions, Inc. has grown at a steady pace since 2008. We are a Dallas based corporation that employ’s people throughout the State of  Texas, Florida & North Carolina.

H.I.T.S. continues to provide quality service while taking on more challenging and technical projects, with on time completion. This has allowed us to avoid penalties while keeping a 0.1 mod rate on workers comp and safety. 

The employees of Highway Intelligent Traffic Solutions, Inc. are continuously training due to the dynamic nature of the construction industry and to ensure their familiarity with every facet of the tasks with which they must interact. H.I.T.S. employees are the most highly trained and certified in the industry.

The management team at H.I.T.S. strongly believes that education is a top priority. Such training is mandatory for all employees. Our belief is that a well educated employee reduces the risks of accidents and ensures good quality workmanship.

"When Quality Matters"